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I see businesses struggle with these issues on a day to day basis: effective marketing, effective internal communications and engaging customers. Why? Because of a lack of good strategy. And I believe I can help.
My promises to you: increased sales, happy employees and happy customers.
Services provided (both in English and Dutch): training, coaching, creating strategic communication plans, project management of innovation and change management projects.
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Combining knowledge, experience and creativity for a successful project



Adding value to your business by creating and implementing a great strategy.



Interactive communication workshops and training for management and executives.


Nederlandse Politie (Dutch Police force)

For the Dutch Police force (Nederlandse Politie) I help to advise their IT devisions on internal communications towards the rest of the police force. For more information, please contact me personally.


Siqura is the world’s leading supplier of advanced video surveillance systems, with clients all over the world with a vast range of network products based on IP technology. Siqura is part of the TKH Group.

I was able to help Siqura rebrand themselves and create a new brand identity in line with the TKH Group identity. Part of the new brand identity was a complete redesign of their website and other on- and offline communications, as well as a complete overhaul of their English content.


Pon Porsche Import
Training & project support – Porsche Connect

Project fase: September – November 2016

For Pon Porsche Import, I have designed and executed the training for Porsche Connect, given during the introduction of the Porsche Panamera G2 for dealers. Besides this trianing, I have also supported in implementation and roll-out of different Porsche Connect elements (such as the new Porsche Connect platform) at the Dutch dealerships.


Audi Netherlands
Project manager – Audi connect 2.0 and Audi connected journey

Project fase: June 2015 – current

Audi has introduced many new connectivity features in their models in the past three years, and with the new A4 and Q7 this has been brought to the next level. These features, such as online roadside assistance and service request, require the implementation of new systems and technologies at the importer and dealers, training for sales and service personnell, and new marketing approaches. My role as a project manager is to ensure that Audi connect 2.0 will be rolled-out in the most perfect way, ticking all the boxes, and ensuring everyone knows the whys, whats and hows about Audi connect.

For Audi connected journey, a more broad perspective is taken to analyze the current customer journey and the sales and service process. With digitalization taking place in record-speed, the need is high to innovate and implement new tools for dealerships to continue to offer the best service for their customers.

Cox & Partners accountants

Cox & Partners accountants
Content marketing – Creating content for COX360.nl

Project fase: April 2015 – May 2015

Cox & Partners have a unique approach in provided services which they call the 360 degrees approach. By not only fulfilling the traditional role of accountants and advisors, but also providing solutions to their customer’s other needs in the areas of HRM, payrolling, sales and marketing. By providing pro-active advice to their customers, they are able to help them to run their businesses better and more efficient, and therefore become more successful.

I have created the content for their newly launched website cox360.nl, together with multiple brochures. This started out by sitting down with various professionals from their organization and defining what the exact solutions are that they provide. This way they have relevant content for their target groups, providing an optimized starting point for effective marketing.



Audi Netherlands
Project management – Implementation of Audi Mobile Sales Solution (MSS).

Project fase: May 2014 – December 2014

MSS is Audi’s new tablet-based sales solution. It provides targeted support for sales advisors along the sales process, from car presentation and configuration sharing, printing and arranging appointments for test drives.

For Audi Netherlands (Pon’s Automobielhandel), I have leaded the Audi MSS project and successfully implemented Audi MSS at all Audi dealerships throughout the country. This includes ensuring the technical framework (Apple hardware, network optimalization at every dealership and setting up first level support); develop training materials, and completing the roll-out and training at every Audi dealership in The Netherlands. The project included many different stakeholders from various disciplines and a set budget.

“Working with Christopher is a great experience. If he has a target you can be sure, he reaches it and in the most professional way. He gained my trust straight forward and during the time we worked toghether, I was always sure he was the right choice.” – Gabriele Silvestro, Manager Digital Retail Strategy at Audi A.G., Ingolstadt.

VDG Security

VDG Security
Rebranding the trademark for their video management software.

Project fase: February 2014 – September 2014

VDG Security offers innovative video management solutions. Their software, which was branded DIVA, required a re-branding. I assisted in this re-branding, by:

– Helping VDG Security discover their brand identity brainstorms and coaching, and by defining their brand energy model.
– Developing a communication strategy towards the launch of their new trademark.
– Help to set-up the new communication means towards customers and corporate stakeholders.
– Content marketing production for their new website on vdgsecurity.com


Besides this project, I continue to assist VDG Security with various other marketing & communication tasks mainly focused on content marketing, such as writing their case studies, press releases and publishing their monthly newsletters.




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